The territory of Moscow has grown significantly, and the city authorities have already expressed their determination to build on new land predominantly low-rise housing. It is possible that a couple of years in this area will rebuild the “one-story” Moscow, cottages and townhouses will move from the category of “exotic” in the category of “ordinariness”. However, the process of primary repair of personal household is significantly different from the repair of apartments in new building. This material will help prospective homeowners to understand the features of his new arrangement of the home and some “thin” points that are worth special attention.

Communication bouquet

Typically, the cost of finishing a country house is about 10-20% of its value, but this option could increase to 50% depending on the area of ​​household and personal wishes buyer.

The main difference between home ownership of the apartment is to summarize the features of communication. Buying an apartment in an apartment block, a citizen automatically receives at its disposal a central water supply, sewerage and electricity “to the counter.” From personal homes is not so radiantly.

Experience shows that when purchasing a country house in the village organized a buyer offers a certain set of communications. The program includes a minimum of 10-15 kilowatts of electricity, gas, medium or low pressure (country house heat from electricity is very expensive. – Ed.) And the road. The maximum program, in addition, includes water, sewer, internet, telephone and automated security system.

In the segment of economy-class full range of communications is rare, because seriously raises the cost of homeownership. For example, many developers are rightly believe that the economic sector is much more expedient to do well and septic, and no central water supply and sewerage. The cost of laying the central sewerage systems in small towns may place an unreasonable burden for each customer. In addition, in some villages of the central sewage system construction with the general waste water treatment systems is impossible in principle because of the presence of zones of sanitary protection zones drinking water sources – for example, when the village is located on the shore of the reservoir.

Connecting to a civilization

Communications may be on the border of the land, on the field or be wound up in the house, but that happens quite often recently – the developer is unable to determine where the customer will supply the kitchen and how to place appliances. Therefore, when buying land with a contract is usually located in the area of ​​communication and client leads them into their own household.

In the end, before starting to equip their new home, the buyer must beg the question summarizing communications, and only then think about the final finishing.


To summarize the newly created gas holder should:

Trust-go to gas facilities (available at local “site gas management services”) and to obtain technical conditions for gas
Is to obtain technical conditions for gas supply and contact the project organization for the development of the project supply
-Coordination of the project to undergo the procedure in the trust of gas facilities and other organizations, which will appear in the list matching
-Contract for installation of gas pipeline and gas equipment (can be local “site gas management services”).

To carry out excavation work on a gas pipeline owner must obtain a warrant in the architectural department of the district, where the housing estate. Organizations operating in the area, dig a trench under the natural gas pipeline and makes a hole in the pipeline to enter the building, as well as preparing the pit at the site of a gas pipeline tapping and hands in the work of installers. Installation Company gives all executive documentation, as well as a certificate of performance specifications and authorization to the sidebar from the “land of the gas sector.” Next, the process tapping into the existing pipeline, which performs “site gas management,” and completes the procedure for permission to start the gas from the gas industry of the trust.

The cost of all the fun starts from 400 rubles, and the supply of gas to the individual site outside the village organized today is even more expensive. For example, to stretch the gas to the site at a distance of less than one kilometer will cost 1.5 million rubles.


With the electrification of the procedure is much simpler:

-Have to apply for electricity network owners and obtain technical conditions
Power-execute the project and coordinate it with the owner of the network
Carry out installation, according to the project, get help on the implementation of specifications,
-Contract of power supply,
-Take account and get an act of separation carrying supplies,
Receive a subscription-book.

The project cost power starts from 60 000 rubles, and the installation will cost 40 thousand rubles. Self summing electricity outside the cottage settlement will cost the owner of about 500 thousand rubles.


The procedure of summing up the water and sanitation is similar to electricity, but in the segment of economy-class real estate developers often offer a well and septic tank, rather than the central communications. This is explained by economic efficiency and specificity of the project and to operate a septic tank and well easier. In addition to the well owner does not pay, in principle, and the payment for a septic tank is only as a service call to clean septic tanks on the content – monthly payments are not provided. Thus, the use of septic tanks and wells in the central communication times cheaper.

Design and interior space

After all communications into his home, we can safely start doing interior design and landscaping of the premises. In conducting communications client originally planned, where he will have a kitchen, where a bathroom, where will stand with shelving books, and where television and other appliances – from these decisions will depend on the location of pipes and sockets. For a more rational use of space, you can create a design project in a specialized office premises. However, some buyers prefer to cope on their own, but specialist advice is never superfluous.

Owners rarely have to demolish or erect walls in new home – usually a home ownership project agreed initially and completely satisfied customers. Typically, a customer purchases a ready-made box with doors and windows. The wooden house is much easier to bring in “commodity” view, as the wooden walls themselves are accurate and beautiful, and with brick houses and buildings from foam and aerated concrete things a bit more complicated – it is necessary to engage the walls.

Consider for example the average house area of ​​100-120 square meters. If the owner is not in a hurry to move, then the best option would be to hire for work on interior design team of 3 persons.

Hours and Prices

Laying tile, linoleum or wood flooring requires alignment of sex, even if it seems smooth. So start with a finishing device of cement-sand floor screed beacons, reinforcement, sanding and priming screed device inlet floor and the flooring substrate, and then to stack laminate, parquet, parquet, linoleum or ceramic tile.

Today zealous owner can buy a thin laminate, which would be even cheaper than linoleum – about 170 rubles per square meter, but that this laminate lay evenly, use a thicker substrate than 2 millimeters, but 3-5 mm, and the floor is leveled a little mortar. The most affordable cost laminate substrate with the client at 9-10 thousand rubles for the living room 3, and its styling will stand at about the same amount, plus a mixture – about 1 thousand rubles. Total – about 20 thousand rubles.

On the ceiling is about the same story as with the floor – sanding, priming, plaster and plaster and then paint the ceiling. Ceilings – just tough and expensive lesson, but it is possible to make a suspended ceiling, which is cheap and avoids dirt and dust from sanding. Price ceiling depends on the material. The cheapest roof will cost about 60 thousand rubles for the whole house. If the wooden house, then this problem disappears – the wooden ceiling looks great and without decoration.

Corridors, entrance hall, kitchen and bathrooms are tiled better – it’s more expensive but much more modern and practical. On average, the normal floor tiles – granite – costs about 500 rubles per square meter, and the tile adhesive, and at the same time leveling the floor, can be purchased for 1.5 thousand rubles for the kitchen and corridors. Work on laying the tile will cost about 400 rubles per square meter.

The most expensive element is a tile bathrooms. Currently, the store offers a variety of relatively inexpensive tile at prices ranging from 300 to 400 rubles per square meter. For one bathroom and one toilet floor tiles cost about 2000 rubles, and the Wall – 14 thousand rubles. Glue, primer, crosses, corners and rails for the grout joints – about 5000 rubles, making plaster boxes that cover the risers – 4000 rubles, and tiling – 14 thousand rubles. As a result, tiled bath and toilet will cost about 40 thousand rubles. Technique for the bathroom and the toilet is a separate line item.

To create the comfort will definitely need a plinth, matched in color and materials for the thresholds, fasteners, grout and putty on wood. Materials and work will cost more in the 10-12 thousand rubles.

Furniture and equipment installation

Then you’re ready to purchase and install equipment and furniture. Here everything is very individual and there is no general guidance. Although, for a start it is better to put the equipment essentials – to equip the bathroom, toilets and kitchen. Good quality kitchen with appliances may cost as much as 120-150 thousand rubles and 500,000 rubles – it all depends on the preferences of the owner and footage of the kitchen.